Irrigation affects landscape establishment of Burford holly, pittosporum, and sweet viburnum. 2007. Scheiber, S.M., E.F. Gilman, M. Paz, and K.A. Moore. HortScience. 42(2):344-348.

Ilex cornuta Lindl.&Paxt. 'Burfordii Nana' (dwarf burford holly), Pittosporum tobira [Dryand]. 'Variegata' (pittosporum), and Viburnum odorotissimum Ker Gawl. (sweet viburnum) were transplanted into field plots in an open-sided, clear polyethylenecovered shelter to evaluate growth, aesthetic quality, and establishment rates in response to 2-, 4-, or 7-d irrigation frequencies. Establishment was delayed 1 to 2 months for I. cornuta 'Burford Nana' irrigated every 7 d compared with 2- and 4-d frequencies; however, growth and aesthetic quality were similar among treatments. Plants irrigated every 7 d also had higher cumulative water stress levels. Leaf area, shoot dry weight, and total biomass increased among P. tobira 'Variegata' and V. odorotissimum irrigated every 2 d. Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata' and V. odorotissimum irrigated every 2 d also had greater canopy size and root dry weight, respectively. Neither cumulative water stress nor establishment was affected by irrigation frequency for either species.