University of Florida

2007 Prestige Early Red - Delayed

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

Growth Regulator height graph


Prestige Early Red November 27th11/27

Note that this crop of Prestige Early Red was planted and pinched on the same dates as the 2 Prestige Red crops. Lights were used until Oct. 3 to delay initiation and you can see the effect by comparing this to the other 2 Prestige Early Red crops that were on natural days. This crop is salable now, but only about 50% of the plants are showing pollen. Prestige Early Red is less vigorous than Prestige Red. In Sept., 2 sprays were used which worked well and compare this to the early sprays on the first Prestige Red. Then on Oct. 23, we used a low rate Bonzi drench (1/10 ppm) on this crop and compare the response with the second crop of Prestige Red given the same treatment. Also, note the larger bract size on these Prestige Early Red compared to the Prestige Red crops that required more PGR in this difficult year.

Prestige Early Red November 20th11/20

These delayed Prestige Early Red are looking very good. Height is where we want it and bract development is good.

Prestige Early Red November 13th11/13

This delayed crop of Prestige Early Red is a little behind the Prestige Red under natural days, but are developing fine. Height control for this crop has been much easier than for the Prestige Red crops.

Prestige Early Red November 6th11/06

This week we have both visible bud and first color on this crop of delayed Prestige Early Red. Heights look good now and we probably will not need to make additional PGR applications.

Prestige Early Red October 30th10/30

There is not visible bud showing on this delayed crop of Prestige Early Red. The growing tips are starting to increase in diameter so they will probably have visible bud next week. The heights are fine for now but we will see what the crop does in the next couple of weeks.

Prestige Early Red October 23rd10/23

This delayed Prestige Early Red crop looks good at this stage. We want to slow elongation some and are applying an early Bonzi Drench at 1/10 ppm.

Prestige Early Red October 16th10/16

These Prestige Early Red have out grown the effects of the earlier sprays. The next PGR treatment will be a Bonzi drench, but we will wait to see how the plants grow before making the application. With the warm weather, elongation this next week may be significant. However, since we have less experience with this variety, it could slow down. We still have time to slow the crop next week if needed.

Prestige Early Red October 9th10/09

For some reason this is our one crop that did not grow very much this past week and we will see where they are next week.

Prestige Early Red October 2nd10/02

This group of Prestige Early Red are being delayed and lights out will be Oct. 3. We expect them to finish about 10 days later than the crops on natural days. They are on track to be at top of the growth curve next week and we will see what they do from there.

Prestige Early Red September 25th9/25

There is still plenty of time to bring this crop back to the desired range and we will use the low rate (1,000 ppm each) of B-Nine and Cycocel again this week. The plan is that with a third spray in a week or two the crop probably will be at the curve by Oct. 16. If this were a variety with higher vigor we would have been more aggressive this week.

Prestige Early Red September 18th9/18

This is another crop we need to start bringing back to the curve. Since our experience with Prestige Early Red is that it is low to medium vigor, we want to guard against putting on too much PGR. So, we are spraying with the low rate of B-Nine and Cycocel (1,000 ppm each). If this were a vigorous variety and this much above the curve, we would be using a higher rate.

Prestige Early Red September 11th9/11

This is another crop showing rapid elongation soon after pinching. Again we have time to get control over this crop since Prestige Early Red is not too vigorous (we think) and are not treating this week.

Prestige Early Red September 4th9/04

We are lighting this crop Prestige Early Red (Prest. ER) until Oct. 3 to have it finish the end of Nov. Prest. ER is less sensitive to heat delay compared to Prest. Red. So, in warm climates a delayed crop of Prest. ER will have a more predictable finish time compared to Prest. Red on natural days.