University of Florida

2007 Prestige Early Red - 6.5"

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

Growth regulator height graph


Prestige Early Red November 13th11/13

This Prestige Early Red crop is finishing within our desired height range. We sprayed once with the low rate of B-Nine/Cycocel and 3 times with Cycocel alone, which was more than we anticipated since it is less vigorous than Prestige Red. Compare growth of this crop with the first Prestige Red crop that received 5 sprays and a late Bonzi drench. Bract development on these plants is good. We knew that scheduling this crop to finish 11/13 was likely a little too early and they will be better plants in 4-7 days. Some of this is due to the high temperatures this fall that delayed start of color development.

Prestige Early Red November 6th11/06

These Prestige Early Red grew more than expected this past week, but they should still finish at 16 inches or less. The crop looks like it is 10 days or so from finish.

Prestige Early Red October 30th10/30

The height of this Prestige Early Red crop is good at this point. However, because of the slow color development they may be 3 weeks from finish, which is a week later than planned.

Prestige Early Red October 23rd10/23

This crop of Prestige Early Red was sprayed with a 2nd application of Cycocel at 1,250 ppm at the end of last week. First color is appearing on most plants and the crop has reached the visible bud stage. Visible bud is occurring about when we expected based on previous trials with Prestige Early Red. First color is a little later than expected, which is probably due to the warm temperatures this fall. If there are 3 weeks from visible bud to finish the crop is about on schedule.

Prestige Early Red October 16th10/16

We still want these Prestige Early Red plants to grow only 1 inch or less in the next week. To reduce elongation some, we are spraying again this week with Cycocel at 1,250 ppm. We expect to see first color by next week but there are no signs of color now.

Prestige Early Red October 9th10/09

We want this crop of Prestige Early Red to grow only about 2 inches in the next 2 weeks and then the late drench could be applied on Oct 23rd. This week we are spraying with Cycocel at 1,250 ppm, which along with the cooler temperatures should slow them enough.

Prestige Early Red October 2nd10/02

This Prestige Early Red crop slowed down too much this week. We will see where they are next week.

Prestige Early Red September 25th9/25

The effect from last week’s spray seems to be giving the slight control that we wanted. We will see where these Prestige Early Red are next week.

Prestige Early Red September 18th9/18

These Prestige Early Red are a little above the curve at this point. We are making a spray of B-Nine and Cycocel at our low rate of 1,000 ppm each. It should not take very much PGR on this crop and this may be all we apply.

Prestige Early Red September 11th9/11

This Prestige Early Red crop is also doing well at this point. We do not expect it to continue at this pace and are waiting to see where the crop is next week.

Prestige Early Red September 4th9/04

These plants are doing fine at 1 week after pinch.

Prestige Early Red August 28th8/28

Prestige Early Red (Prest. ER) has the same plant structure and appearance of Prestige Red; however Prest. ER finishes earlier and is a little less vigorous. We planted and pinched this crop only 1 week earlier than Prestige Red. We will have to be careful and not overdose this Prest. ER crop.