University of Florida

Weed Management: Herbicides for the Homeowner

For Lawn Turfgrass

Herbicide St. Augustine Bahiagrass Centipedegrass Zoysiagrass
atrazine Yes No Yes Yes
atrazine + bentazon Yes No Yes Yes
benefin Yes Yes Yes Yes
benefin + trifluralin Yes Yes Yes Yes
bensulide Yes Yes Yes Yes
bentazon Yes Yes Yes Yes
dacthal Yes Yes Yes Yes
dicamba Yes Yes Yes Yes
ethofumesate Yes No No No
fenoxaprop No No No Yes
halosulfuron Yes Yes Yes Yes
imazaquin Yes No Yes Yes
metolachlor Yes Yes Yes Yes
MSMA No No No Yes
oryzalin Yes Yes Yes Yes
oxadiazon Yes No No Yes
pendimethalin Yes Yes Yes Yes
simazine Yes No Yes Yes
2,4-D + dicamba + MCPP, MCPA, and/or 2,4-DP No Yes Yes Yes

By Name

Common Name Brand Name
atrazine many brands
atrazine + bentazon Prompt
bentazon Basagran T/O
Hi-Yield Basagran
benefin Sta-green Preemergence Crabgrass Preventer
benefin+trifluralin Sta-green Crabgrass Preventer
Hi-Yield Crabgrass Preventer
bensulide Pro Turf Weedgrass Preventer
Green Light Betasan Crabgrass Preventer
bentazon Basagran T/O
dicamba Banvel
ethofumesate Progras
fenoxaprop Acclaim extra
fluazifop Grass Away
Grass Out
Fertilome Over the Top Grass Killer
halosulfuron Manage
imazaquin Image
metolachlor Pennant
MSMA many brands
oryzalin Surflan
oxadiazon Ronstar
pendimethalin Pendulum
Turf Weedgrass Control
Halts Crabgrass Preventer
sethoxydim Vantage T/O
Hi-yield Poast
simazine FertiLome Winterizer and Weed Preventer
2,4-D + dicamba + MCPP, MCPA, and/or 2,4-DP many brands

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