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Best Management Practices

What Are Best Management Practices For Florida's Green Industries?

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are designed to preserve and protect Florida's water resources from non-point-source pollution occurring from agricultural fertilization. The Green Industries BMPs were developed with pest control operators, fertilizer sales businesses, environmental groups, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the University of Florida. The manual provides instruction in proper fertilization, pest control, irrigation, and cultural practices to green industry workers. Knowledge of appropriate fertilizer rates, sources, and application methods can greatly reduce any potential non-point source pollution of Florida's ground and surface waters. For an online version of the Green Industries BMPs, click here.

There is also an educational program to train all green industry workers in how to implement the policies in the manual. Again, this was developed with the lawn care and pest control industries. The educational program is endorsed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and is brought to you by the University of Florida.

Statewide BMP training is held several times during the fall and winter months. Check back to this site for updated session schedules or contact your county extension office to see if they are scheduling the training.

If you are a homeowner who uses a commercial lawn care service, ask if they have been trained and certified in the BMPs by the University of Florida Extension Service. If you take care of your lawn yourself, please make sure that you follow the BMP recommendations. The difference you make today may impact Florida's environment for generations to come.

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