University of Florida

Weed Management: General Pesticide Information


Observe all directions, restrictions, and precautions on pesticide labels. It is dangerous, wasteful, and illegal to do otherwise.


Store pesticides behind locked doors in original containers with label intact, separate from seed and fertilizer.


Use pesticides at correct dosage and intervals between applications to avoid illegal residues or injury to plants and animals.


Triple rinse a container that has been emptied into the spray tank. Never pour pesticides down a drain or into an area exposed to humans, animals, or water.


Dispose of used containers in compliance with label directions so that contamination of water and other hazards will not result.


Always wear protective clothing when applying pesticides. At a minimum, wear a long-sleeved shirt, long-legged pants, rubber gloves, boots (never go barefoot or wear sandals), eye protection, and a wide-brimmed hat. Additional protective gear may be listed on the pesticide label.


Never eat, drink, or smoke when handling pesticides, and always wash with soap and water after use.