University of Florida

2005 Prestige - 6"

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

Growth regulator height graph


Prestige November 29th11/29

Prestige is a very good variety for production of shorter plants in 6-inch pots. It is easy to grow and the plants are strong and look good.

Prestige November 22nd11/22

This Prestige crop is also several days earlier than expected. It looks very good.

Prestige  November 15th11/15

This crop is doing fine and should finish between 12 and 13 inches. It will be salable next week.

Prestige  November 8th11/08

Elongation on this 6" Prestige crop is on track to finish at about 12 inches and a late drench will not be needed. This crop is not showing as much stress as the 6.5" crop.

Prestige  November 1st11/01

This 6-inch Prestige crop slowed down more than the 6.5-inch crop, which was actually good. Now we can wait to do the late drench until after more bract development has occurred.

Prestige  October 25th10/25

A late drench will be needed in 10-14 days depending on what this crop does this next week.

Prestige  October 18th10/18

While this crop is at a good point this week, we are entering a period when it could grow rapidly. We are spraying this week with Cycocel at 1,250 ppm. This should just slow grow a little and be insurance against having to apply a drench too early.

Prestige  October 11th10/11

The terminals on this Prestige are fairly tight indicating that the PGR effect should last at least another week. So, this crop should be in good shape until the late drench, if it is needed.

Prestige  October 4th10/04

Even with last weeks spray, this crop elongated a little more then we wanted. We are spraying this week with B-Nine/Cycocel at the medium rate of 1,500/1,250 ppm. This is an aggressive approach and should significantly reduce elongation. In our climate, Prestige is at the initiation date now and the crop should have plenty of time to grow out of this spray, so it should have little effect on bract size.

Prestige  September 27th9/27

Like the Christmas Feelings 6" crop we know that we will need to use PGRs on this crop and doing it now, while we can still use B-Nine, will help avoid bigger problems later. So we applied a low rate (1,000 ppm each) B-Nine/Cycocel spray this week.

Prestige  September 20th9/20

We will probably spray this crop next week.

Prestige  September 13th9/13

Prestige is a very good strong plant for producing smaller plants. We will be watching to control the typical strong early growth of Prestige. Our last example of a small Prestige plant was in 2002.