University of Florida

2005 Christmas Feelings - 6.5"

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

Growth Regulator Height Graph


Christmas Feelings November 22nd11/22

This Christmas Feelings crop finished at the desired heights and looks good. The variety has less than average vigor, but the short plants in the middle of the crop was a surprise. The Fascination worked well to stimulate more elongation. Then, the late Bonzi drench worked to prevent the plants from looking too stretched at the end. The crop is showing pollen, but will look better with 3-4 more days of bract expansion.

Christmas Feelings  November 15th11/15

This crop grew more this past week than expected. While it will finish within our desired heights next week, we are drenching it this week with Bonzi at 1 ppm. The slightly less elongation now will improve the plants' appearance.

Christmas Feelings  November 8th11/08

We have gotten good growth from this crop the past 2 weeks. The crop will probably finish at about 14 inches. We are not putting on another Fascination spray because we do not want to produce too much of a stretched appearance. Now, we will let the bracts expand to produce a good plant on the bottom end of our desired height.

Christmas Feelings  November 1st11/01

The Fascination at 3 ppm applied last worked very will here to promote elongation. Most of the other crops slowed down with the much cooler temperatures we had.

Christmas Feelings  October 25th10/25

This crop is showing first color this week and is on schedule. However, they are not elongating enough, so we are spraying Fascination at 3 ppm this week.

Christmas Feelings  October 18th10/18

This crop increased in elongation rate this past week, which is what we wanted. We expect it to be at about 11 inches next week. The plants look like first color should develop early in this week.

Christmas Feelings  October 11th10/11

This crop looks like it may be in trouble. The growing tips are still tight, indicating the spray applied 2 weeks ago is continuing to hold back growth. Christmas Feelings can elongate rapidly, so there is still a chance it will make it.

Christmas Feelings  October 4th10/04

The light spray we did last week worked to slow growth some. Now the crop is in good shape, and we will see what it does over the next few weeks.

Christmas Feelings  September 27th9/27

We are applying the low B-Nine/Cycocel rate (1,000 ppm each) this week. Like most of our crops, the height of this Christmas Feelings crop is right on track. Our weather is about average now and the long range forecast is for this to continue. We applied a little PGR now, while we can still use B-Nine. This will help keep the crop from being too tall in 2-3 weeks when it would be more difficult to control with sprays. Also, this spray will help reduce or delay the rapid elongation that can occur in late Oct. and early Nov.

Christmas Feelings  September 20th9/20

We will wait until this crop is elongating too fast before doing a PGR application.

Christmas Feelings  September 13th9/13

At one week after the pinch, the laterals are starting to grow now and branching looks good.

Christmas Feelings  September 6th9/06

From our experience with Christmas Feelings the past 2 years, we expect to make one early spray at about 2-3 weeks and then a late drench to hold the final height. It will probably finish a few days after the projected date we are using here.