University of Florida

Paul Fisher

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Floriculture

Dr. Paul FisherEnvironmental Horticulture Dept.
University of Florida
2549 Fifield Hall, PO Box 110670
Gainesville FL 32611-0670
Tel: (352) 392-1831 x 375
Fax: (352) 392-3870

Professional Background


Ph.D. in Horticulture (Michigan State University), 1995
M.Appl.Sci. in Resource Management (Lincoln University, New Zealand), 1988
B.Sci. in Botany (University of Auckland, New Zealand), 1985

Work Experience

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, University of New Hampshire, 1996-2006
Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of California at Davis, 1995-96
Visiting Scholar, Michigan State University, 1991-92
Research Associate, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, New Zealand, 1989-91

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Research-based information for greenhouse floriculture focused on production, propagation, and shipping of plugs and cuttings

pH-management for soilless media

Production-monitoring and financial analysis software

Case studies for horticulture training

University of Florida programs including Floriculture Field Days


Applied research for the commercial greenhouse industry, including the Young Plant Research Center, which is an industry-driven research program for the production, propagation, and shipping of young plant material.

Media-pH and micronutrient management, including understanding how factors drive pH changes over time and correction of pH-related problems.

Computer decision-support systems for growers, to help to optimize growing conditions, and to consistently and profitably achieve high-quality crops in time for target sales periods. These tools allow graphical tracking of plant height, flower development, nutrient, or pest levels over time.

Example article on modeling pH dynamics. (pdf)

We thank the following organizations for providing research funding:
American Floral Endowment
The Young Plant Research Center partner companies: Blackmore Co., Center Greenhouses, Costa Nursery, D.S. Cole Growers, Ellegaard, Four Star Greenhouses, Glass Corner Greenhouses, Greencare Fertilizers, Knox Nursery, Kube-Pak Corp., Lucas Greenhouses, Pindstrup, Pleasant View Gardens, Premier Horticulture, Quality Analytical Laboratories, Sun Gro Horticulture, and Welby Gardens


My current graduate students are:

Kate Santos (Ph.D.): Optimizing nutrition during rooting of cuttings

Connie Johnson (Ph.D.): Quantifying the acidity and alkalinity of fertilizers (co-advised with Dr. Jamie Gibson)

Jinsheng Huang (Post-doctoral Research Scientist): Dynamical modeling of media-pH in container substrates

Angelica Cretu (M.S.): Leaching and corrective fertilizer actions during propagation