Schulte, J.R. and C.E. Whitcomb
Effects of soil amendments and fertilizer levels on the establishment of silver maple
Journal of Arboriculture 1 (10): 192-195
No benefit was derived from the use of soil amendments either with a good clay loam soil or very poor silt loam subsoil. Pine bark as a soil amendment was detrimental to the growth of young silver maple trees in both soils unless fertilizer was applied to offset the nitrogen tie-up by microorganisms. Trees growing in soils amended with peat moss developed a more fibrous root system than all other treatments. However, the fact that the roots did not develop into the surrounding soil, as was the case with all other treatments, may mean the trees would be more susceptible to drought. Young trees should be fertilized, at least at a moderate rate, during their first growing season in the landscape. If organic soil amendments are used in the planting hole, it is even more important to fertilize young trees. These data do not support the use of soil amendments in the establishment and growth of newly planted trees.
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