Marler, T.E. and F.S. Davies
Growth of bare-rooted and container-grown 'Hamlin' orange trees in the field
Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 100: 89-93
Bare-rooted and container-grown 'Hamlin' orange trees [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osb.] on sour orange rootstock (C. aurantium L.) were planted in double-row beds to compare growth for the first 2 years under the same edaphic, cultural and environmental conditions. In experiment one, standard nursery trees were used, with bare-rooted trees being larger than container-grown trees at planting time. In a second experiment, trees of more uniform size were used. In a third experiment, container-grown trees were planted after removing all, 1/2, or no medium prior to planting to study the effect of media removal on growth over one season. Bare-rooted trees were significantly larger than container-grown trees 8 and 20 months after planting in experiment one. When trees of more uniform size were used, bared-rooted trees were significantly larger than container-grown trees 8 months after planting. After 18 months, trunk cross sectional area of bare-rooted trees remained significantly larger, but canopy volume was similar. Removal of medium from container-grown trees improved growth the first season, especially root growth, suggesting that it is important to select large nursery trees with healthy root systems and to break up the root ball prior to planting to achieve optimum growth for container-grown trees.
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