G.P. Lumis
Wire baskets: A further look
American Nurseryman. pp. 128-131. August 15 issue
After several years of field and laboratory study, the author has made the following conclusions about wire baskets and their effects on root growth: 1) Roots grow around basket wire, forming a complete union of bark and wood tissue; roots are not permanently girdled. 2) Root tissue formed after growing over wire permits translocation. 3) There appears to be no injury to or break in, the root periderm that would allow pathogens to enter a tree. 4) Basket wire remains intact in soil for many years and wire strength diminishes slowly. 5) Removing wire baskets at planting time is not necessary to assure growth and survival of large tree roots. However, you should remove any rope across the top of the ball, and bend back or remove the basket loops. 6) Using a correctly sized basket for each root ball is imperative. The top horizontal wire should be at least several inches above the top of the soil ball.