Burger, D.W., P. Svihra and R. Harris
Treeshelter use in producing container-grown trees
HortScience 27(1): 30-32
Treeshelters were used for the nursery production of Cedrus deodara Loud. (deodar cedar), Quercus ilex L. (holly oak), and Magnolia grandiflora L. (southern magnolia) trees growing in 19-liter containers. Air temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration were higher inside the treeshelters than outside. Trees grown inside treeshelters were 74% to 174% taller than trees grown without shelters. Trunk caliper of Magnolia and Quercus was not affected; however, for Cedrus trees caliper was larger for trees grown without a shelter. Upon removal of the shelter, Cedrus trees were incapable of supporting their own weight. Lateral branch development was inhibited and leaf senescence was greater with Magnolia trees grown in a shelter. Quercus trees grown in shelters were ready to be transplanted into the landscape. Water use was similar for trees grown with or without shelters. Trees grown in shelters had lower root fresh weights.
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