E.F. Gilman

Anchorage influence by production method and root pruning

Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 39 (1): 1-5


The objectives were to 1) compare the post-planting anchorage of container-grown and field-grown (balled-and-burlapped) live oaks (Quercus virginiana Mill.), and 2) evaluate the effects of root pruning and post-planting irrigation placement on anchorage and growth. At seven months after planting, field-grown trees were approximately 50% better secured to the soil than trees from containers. However, removing the peripheral 5 cm of the container root ball at planting improved anchorage of container-grown trees by approximately 13% without reducing diameter growth or causing visible symptoms. Irrigation placement (applied directly on the root ball or to a wider area) had no effect on anchorage and growth. There appeared to be no benefit to irrigating the soil around the root ball during tree establishment in the fine sand soils that receive 120 mm annual rainfall.

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