Shober, A.L., K.A. Moore, C. Wiese, S.M. Scheiber, E.F. Gilman and M. Paz


Native and non-native shrub post-transplant performance under low-volume irrigation in three hardiness zones

HortTechnology 20 (4): 751-757

Previous research on #3 nursery container-grown shrubs suggests that some common shrub species could be established in the Florida landscape under natural rainfall when irrigated with 3 L of water every 4 days in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 8b and 9a or every 2 days in zone 10b until first roots reached the canopy edge (20 weeks after planting). The current study evaluated the effects of these irrigation frequency recommendations on plant vigor, canopy growth, root growth, and aesthetic quality of 21 common landscape shrub species (10 Florida native and 11 non-native) planted in Florida in zones 8b, 9a, or 10b. Data suggests that it may be appropriate to adopt the 20-week low-volume irrigation recommendations for the establishment of a wide variety of containergrown Florida native and non-native shrubs. However, Florida native and nonnative shrubs should be monitored for symptoms of drought stress for 2 years after planting.

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