Eckstein, R. and E.F. Gilman

Evaluation of landscape tree stabilization systems

Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 34 (4): 216-221

We conducted pull tests on newly planted 7 cm (2.7 in) caliper container grown Quercus virginiana ‘SDLN’ PP#12015, Cathedral Oak to simulate wind loading on nine commonly used landscape tree stabilization systems. Maximum force required to rotate the root ball 20° was used to compare systems. Terra Toggle, Brooks Tree Brace, and 2x2s anchoring the root ball withstood the largest forces. Typically, trees secured by these three broke before the systems failed indicating that the systems were very effective. T-stakes, dowels, and Tree Staple performed no better than non-staked controls. The three guying systems tested, ArborBrace, Duckbill, and rebar & ArborTie were statistically similar and required more force to failure than controls but less than the group that withstood the largest forces. Direction of pulling had no influence on force to failure for any stabilization system tested.
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