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Plant Restoration and
Conservation Horticulture

A Consortium for Horticultural
Applications in Ecosystem Conservation

We research the applications of horticultural technologies to conserve and restore plant diversity in ecosystems. Our mission is to provide research-based information for the successful conservation and restoration of plant diversity in ecosystems throughout Florida and surrounding regions. Our focus is on planting establishment of native species, as well as macro- and micro-propagation and germplasm conservation.

Restoration and Plant Ecology

Our research involves issues in plant ecology and restoration of ecosystem structure and function, including the establishment of native plant communities.  Much of our work takes place in wetlands and aquatic habitats, but our interests also include terrestrial ecosystems and cultural landscapes, such as roadsides. More...

Dr. Carrie Reinhardt Adams, Associate Professor, (352) 273-4502

Plant Restoration, Conservation
and Propagation Biotechnology

Our research involves the eco-physiology, in vitro propagation, and reintroduction of plants. We utilize the most advanced applications of in vitro culture and genetic analysis for the ecotypic selection, production, and reintroduction of aquatic and wetland plants, coastal dune grasses, orchids, and other plants. More...

Dr. Michael Kane, Professor (352) 273-4500

Germination Ecology, Germplasm Conservation and Plant Propagation

Our research is focused on seed developmental physiology, dormancy/ germination, and macropropagation. A rationale for this research is to better understand how plant germplasm may be stored, when seeds may be harvested, how germination is controlled, and how to propagate plants more effectively for restoration purposes. We work with native plants from various ecosystems.

Dr. Hector Perez, Associate Professor, (352) 273-4503

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Dr. Carrie Reinhardt Adams
Dr. Carrie Reinhardt Adams

Dr. Michael Kane
Dr. Michael Kane

Dr. Hector Perez
Dr. Hector Perez

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