University of Florida


Much of our research happens on-site in the field. We combine these field studies with experiments in more controlled environments, such as the laboratory and the greenhouse. This approach focuses our research on pertinent restoration problems, while allowing us to answer more pointed questions about the mechanisms behind ecological restoration. Being located in an Environmental Horticulture department provides us with access to state of the art growing facilities and the expertise to accommodate our experimental needs.




outside of greenhouse

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inside greenhouseInside greenhouse. spatial seed bank experimentSpatial seed bank experiment (soil collected at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge).
Germinating wetland species
              Germinating wetland species. greenhouse float system
Float system used to maintain constant water level in the benches.
voucher specimens collected to verify identity
Voucher specimens collected in the field for verification of identity.
HOBO data logger
HOBO data logger (measures temperature and relative humidity every fifteen minutes).