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Program Description

The emphasis of our program is to provide relevant research-based information that improves the success of ecosystem restoration. Our clientele include university faculty, native plant nurseries, restoration practitioners and natural resource managers. We strive to connect the horticultural industry with those in the restoration field to promote information exchange on plant availability, selection, propagation, and establishment.

Plant Restoration and Conservation Horticulture research consortium

This consortium researches the applications of horticultural technologies to conserve and restore plant diversity in ecosystems. Our mission is to provide research-based information for the successful conservation and restoration of plant diversity in ecosystems throughout Florida and surrounding regions. Our focus is on planting establishment of native species, as well as macro- and micro-propagation and germplasm conservation.

Plants in Restoration Survey

Do you work in a native plant nursery, state government, environmental consulting firm or restoration firm? Are you interested in furthering the connection between plant production, availablilty and restoration? We are working on building a community to bring these interests together. If you would like to be a part of this community, or be a part of a future restoration conference, please fill out this restoration survey (1.53MB doc) and e-mail it back to us.


Dr. Carrie Reinhardt Adams, Dr. Mike Kane, Daniela Dutra (UF), and Larry Richardson (USFWS)
Dr. Carrie Reinhardt Adams, Dr. Mike Kane, Daniela Dutra (UF), and Larry Richardson (USFWS) at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.

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