University of Florida

Science Team

Carrie Reinhardt Adams

Principal Investigator - Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Susan Galatowitsch

Co-Principal Investigator - Professor, University of Minnesota

Eric Lonsdorf

Co-Principal Investigator - Research Associate, Lincoln Park Zoo

Clint Moore

Project Officer - Statistician, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, University of Georgia

Franklin Percival

Liaison Officer - Unit Leader, Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Florida

Julie Sorenson

Graduate Researcher - MS student, University of Florida

Nancy Steigerwalt

Webmaster - Biological Scientist, University of Florida

USFWS personnel providing coordination and project support

Frank Durbian

Region 3 Coordinator - USFWS - Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Hal Laskowski

Region 5 - Regional Biologist - USFWS

Rachel Laubhan

Region 6 Coordinator - USFWS- Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center