Ingram, D.L., R.J. Black and C.R. Johnson
Effect of backfill composition and fertilization on establishment of container grown plants in the landscape
Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 94: 198-200
Root growth of Pittosporum tobira Thunb. 6 months after transplanting into the landscape was greater if the backfill was amended with peat than if amended with colloidal phosphate or unamended. Backfill influenced top growth response to fertilization treatments after 6 months, but did not affect top or root dry weight compared to controls after 12 months. Root and top dry weight of Juniperus chinensis L. 'Hetzii' was not affected by backfill or fertilization after 6 months. Backfill amendments increased juniper top dry weight after 12 months only if fertilization was not added.