J.R. Harris and E.F. Gilman
Production method affects growth and root regeneration of leyland cypress, laurel oak and slash pine
J. Arboriculture. 17(3): 64-69
Leyland cypress, laurel oak and slash pine were grown for 18 months in plastic containers, in fabric containers or directly in the field and then transplanted into field soil. There was no difference in growth between field-grown and fabric container-grown trees for laurel oak or slash pine, but field-grown Leyland cypress were taller than fabric container-grown trees. Container-grown trees were smallest for all three species. Shoot: root dry weight ratio was smallest on container-grown trees because little of the root system is lost during transplanting compared to fabric and field-grown trees. Ten weeks after transplanting, weight of regenerated roots on fabric container-grown Leyland cypress and slash pine was greater than on field-grown trees. Field-grown slash pine regenerated less root weight than trees produced by other production methods. Production method did not affect root regeneration of laurel oak.