E.F. Gilman, A. Stodola and M.D. Marshall
Production techniques for Highrise TM and seedling live oak

J. Environ. Hort. 20: 127-132

Cutting propagated Quercus virginiana 'QVTIA' HighriseTM PP 11219 and seedling live oak required the same amount of time to prune to a dominant leader in the nursery. HighriseTM live oaks were more uniform in caliper, height and root ball characteristics than the seedling crop. Finished seedling trees had larger caliper than cutting propagated HighriseTM but height was similar. Root pruning horizontal roots alone or in combination with placing root pruning fabric under the liner at planting reduced dry weight of roots in the root ball by reducing large-diameter root weight and increasing small-diameter root weight. Trees produced by both methods of root pruning survived the digging process better than non root-pruned trees in the summer digging season. Seedlings had more root weight in the root ball and a higher root:shoot ratio than HighriseTM live oak. But HighriseTM had a 45 % greater small diameter root:shoot ratio than seedling live oak, and more HighriseTM survived the digging process than seedlings. HighriseTM may not need root pruning during production if dug in the dormant season.