University of Florida


Kane Lab Group
Plant Restoration, Conservation and Propagation Biotechnology members (from left to right) -- Nguyen Hoang , Dale Haskell, Yangcaiqi Liu, Rinnie Rodenius, Ben Hughes, Paulina Quijia, Michael Kane.


Michael Kane

Professor - In vitro propagation and ecotypic selection of native freshwater aquatic and wetland plants, native dune grasses, orchids, and other native plants for enhanced function.


Nancy Philman

Biological Scientist - Selection of native plants, including woody, freshwater aquatic and wetland, and dune species for enhanced function.

Tim Johnson

Responses of Vanda (Orchidaceae) and its hybrids in tissue culture, and mass propagation of Vanda.

Nguyen Hoang

In vitro regeneration of water lilies.

Jonathan Jasinski

Influence of genotype on cytokinin carry-over effects.

James Sadler

Cryopreservation of native plants germplasm for dune restoration.

Previous Laboratory Associates

Daniela Dutra

Phil Kauth

Scott Stewart