Thomas A. Colquhoun

Assistant Professor, Plant Biotechnology

Thomas A. Colquhoun holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Environmental Horticulture Department at the University of Florida with a 90% research appointment. Current research has a strong focus on plant biotechnology with two main principles: elucidation and manipulation of plant volatile compound biosynthesis, basic and applied interactions of plant produced stimuli with animals. These principles are achieved utilizing molecular, biochemical, metabolomic, genetic, psychophysical, and psychological approaches. Specific topics include the molecular control of flower opening, biochemical pathways leading to benzenoid synthesis in plants and microbes, abiotic factors influencing plant volatile production, the affect plant volatile compounds have regarding a gustatory and/or olfactory experience in animals, and the cognitive perception of plant products by humans. Graduate and undergraduate mentoring and research training is of highest priority. Dr. Colquhoun’s lab has established sound relationships with interdepartmental, intradepartmental, national, and international collaborators.





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Dr. Thomas Colquhoun