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Deficiency of Nitrogen

There is probably a deficiency of Nitrogen (mobile). Uniform loss of green leaf color on the older foliage (chlorotic) is one of the first symptoms of Nitrogen deficiency. In advanced stages, leaf color fades to almost ivory (often with pink or reddish cast) and the leaves become thick, brittle, reduced in size and fewer in number. Eventually, the entire plant is stunted, chlorotic, sparsely foliated, and growth slows dramatically.

Plant is a dicot (broadleaf tree or shrub)

  • Symptoms are exhibited by the oldest leaves or leaves that are not the most recently mature
    • Leaves are chlorotic
      • Uniform chlorosis of old leaves
        • Apical leaves chlorotic

Nitrogen Deficiency in St John's Wort (Hypericum sp.)

Nitrogen Deficiency in St John's Wort (Hypericum sp.)

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