Resources for Homeowners

Solutions for Your Life - The website of University of Florida Extension. You can explore topics in lawn and garden care, family life and consumer choices, agriculture, community development, the environment, and youth development.

EDIS (Electronic Data Information Source) - Thousands of publications on topics UF/IFAS Extension covers for Floridians: agriculture, our environment and natural resources, 4-H and other youth programs, Florida-friendly landscapes, successful communities, and economic well-being and life quality for individuals and families.‌

Florida Gardening Calendar - A monthly guide for what to plant and do in your garden wherever you live in Florida.FFLP logo

Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) is a public education and outreach program for homeowners. As part of the Florida-Friendly ‌Landscaping™ (FFL) Program, it is offered statewide through most UF/IFAS Extension offices. The FYN program educates homeowners about how to design, install, and maintain healthy landscapes that use a minimum of water, fertilizer, and pesticides‌‌

Florida Master Gardener Program - A volunteer-driven program that benefits UF/IFAS Extension and the citizens of Florida. The program relies on dedicated ‌volunteers who have an interest in gardening and in giving back to their communities. The website is also home to the Florida Plant ID module, an online tool for learning about plants‌

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Gardening in a Minute - Your source for information on Florida-Friendly plants, advice on maintenance and care, and solutions for typical ‌gardening problems like pests and weeds.‌

Center for Landscape Ecology- The Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology promotes the protection and preservation of Florida's natural resources and quality of life through responsible landscape management.


Our faculty provide science-based landscape solutions for homeowners.

Departmental Resources for Homeowners

Our Gainesville professors - as well as our research center faculty and county Extension staff around the state - have years of research and experience on landscape plants.

Landscape Plants

A thorough compendium of information on trees and shrubs. Developed by Dr. Edward Gilman, professor of urban trees and landscape plants. Dr. Gilman works with arborists, contractors, tree nursery operators, planners, and others engaged in tree selection, growing, planting and management issues. TheLandscape Plants website is based on his research on irrigation, fertilization, roots, and other tree transplant and after-care techniques and a recent focus on tree response to pruning.

Trees and Hurricanes

The UF/IFAS Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program was 

created after the devastation of the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons. The Trees and Hurricanes website is is aimed at citizens and communities who seek to rebuild and set better management practices so that future storms are less devastating.

Trees and Powerlines

In light of Florida law restricting the size and types of trees that can be planted under powerlines, Dr. Gilman designed a study to evaluate whether 70 types of small trees are well suited for planting under power lines. The Trees and Powerlines website offers detailed information on these trees and where in the landscape they're suitable for planting.

Your Florida Lawn

Drawn from University of Florida research, Your Florida Lawn is the latest lawn-care information to guide homeowners through all the steps needed to achieve that healthy, beautiful, Florida-friendly lawn.

Plant Information Databases

Environmental Horticulture researchers have compiled databases on everything from plant propagation techniques to nutrition deficiencies. Especially helpful to homeowners is the Tree Selection Software, and the fact sheet collections for trees and shrubs.