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2007 Winter Trial Garden

2007 Winter Trial Garden

Welcome to the University of Florida 2006-2007 winter trial garden! The objectives of this trial were to evaluate cool season crops for the following characteristics: (1) winter and spring flowering, (2) cold tolerance, and (3) season-extending performance. This year we evaluated close to 120 different cultivars.

Garden Information

Bed preparation

Beds were tilled mid-October and Osmocote 18-6-12, 8-9 month formulation, was applied at a rate of 25 lbs/1,000 ft2. Beds were irrigated by drip irrigation once daily initially, and then less frequently as plants became established. Peters 20-10-20 at 150 ppm was applied at two weeks after planting, and again in March.


Plugs and vegetative liners arrived week 40 (October 2) and were transplanted into 80 mm Jumbo Ellepots (provided by Knox Nursery) week 41. Plants were grown in a 30% shadehouse for five weeks and transplanted into the garden week 46 (November 13). Each plot contained nine plants in a 3x3 configuration, with plants spaced 12" on center.


None of the plants were pinched prior to transplant in the garden or during the trial season. A fungicide was applied once in early January to combat a general disease outbreak in the garden due to an extended period of warm, humid, and cloudy weather. No additional chemicals were applied.

Field Days

2007 Field DayThe winter trial beds were showcased during the 2007 Floriculture Field Days. This two-day event, hosted by the University of Florida and FNGLA's Floriculture Division, was held May 16-17, 2007 in Gainesville, FL.

The trial garden showcases plant material supplied by leading industry companies and is one of the first sites for the industry to see new varieties at an independent trial site. Thank you to all who made this event a huge success!


Best of Trial

Plant Supplier
Dianthus 'Sweet Mix' PanAmerican Seed
Diascia 'Wink Garnet' Ball FloraPlant
Erysimum 'Citrona Yellow' PanAmerican Seed
Nemesia 'Experimental Blue'
Sakata Seed America
Pansy 'Karma Denim'
Goldsmith Seeds
Pansy 'Matrix Morpheus'
PanAmerican Seed
Pansy 'Nature Orange'
American Takii
Snapdragon 'Luminaire Harvest Red' Ball FloraPlant
Snapdragon 'Speedy Sonnet' -Bronze, Crimson, White, Yellow Sakata breeding, Ball Seed exclusive
Viola 'Starry Night' Ball FloraPlant

Yellow plant

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