University of Florida

Becky Hamilton

Senior Biological Scientist

Becky Hamilton


B.S. Microbiology, University of Florida


My activities support the program in all aspects of the crop culture, including experimental design, implementation, data collection and analysis. Examples include planting, maintaining and harvesting the specialty cut flowers in compost amended beds.

Research Projects

The Specialty Cut Flower Program focuses on cultural systems of quality cut flowers for the Florida industry. Current projects determine the influenced growth effect of the 'Sunbright' Sunflowers grown in increasing rates of landfill compost amended beds by comparing flower diameter, stem height and total fixed carbon. Flowering and growth data collected are expected to show an enhanced quality of sunflowers in the higher rate of compost. Collecting flowering and growth dates will develop a model for planting dates for a specific flowering window. Other Floriculture projects show the effects of shipping on geraniums and strategies to prevent the negative effects of ethylene on chlorophyll degradation. Along with our research projects, we also conduct postharvest studies of fresh cut flowers, such as Benary's Giant Zinnia elegans.


In the Summer and Fall of 2001, 'Sunbright' Sunflowers were grown in compost amended beds, maintained and harvested.

Medical research experience includes: Neurobiology of Aging Drug Research, Hemocromatosis and Wilson's Disease Liver Research, RNA extraction and Northern Blot analysis of liver tissue, Chromosomal Analysis and CytoScan Imaging, Genetic Testing; Tay Sachs, PKU and copper determination in Menke Kinky Hair Syndrome patients, Cocaine and Morphine effects in animals along with fetal survival, analysis of new Cardiac drugs on the a-receptors of the Chinese Hamster Ovarian (CHO) Cell, and research the effects of a drug dose response of ADO receptors in adipocytes by measuring the cAMP content.

Personal Spotlight

Founder of "Citizens for the Gainesville Police Dept. K-9 Unit"