PIC Partners

Corporate and Institutional Partnerships

This program is designed to provide a pipeline of undergraduate research talent ready for entry into top graduate programs or careers in the plant and food science industries.  This talent pool will be highly attractive to plant science companies.  Since PIC faculty have provided multiple companies with trained talent, it is likely that those companies or industry-based funding organizations will be interested in gaining access to these students by providing financial support.  We envision a strong industry partnership, working with them to develop internship opportunities and gain better exposure to corporate goals and culture.  A yearly PIC-industry open house would provide an opportunity for our partners to meet the PIC scholars and mentors and discuss their research.  It would also provide opportunities for scholar-led research tours, research presentations and interactions with our partners.  A special dinner event to recognize and celebrate success of our scholars would highlight this open house.

External Advisors

Lisa Feldman-Barrett

Northeastern University — Neuroimaging & Sensory Scaling

Reggie Brown

President, Florida Tomato Committee — Plant Science & Innovation

Rob Horsch

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — Plant Science & Innovation

Julie Mennella

Monell Center — Human Food & Flavor Preferences

Howard Moskowitz

Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. — Psychophysics

Alto Straughn

Straughn Farms — Plant Science & Innovation