George Grant

Environmental Horticulture, M.S.

As I consider the future, I look forward to new adventures in learning and teaching.  My personal research experiences, working in the field, laboratory, and conference attendance have given me a foundation to appreciate that there is a lot to be learned in the green industry. During my graduate program, I intend to develop and improve my scholarship as a student representing the University of Florida. By watching others, I will seek to develop and refine my own professional and personable style of communicating to increase clarity, efficacy, and my ability to lead larger groups of people.  I hope to support research in areas such as mitigation methods for reducing agrichemicals in recirculated water—areas that will enable horticulture to advance as a science.  At the same time, I hope to also help horticulture make important strides in addressing the concerns of our ever-growing global population of consumers. As a graduate student, I am seeking experiences and responsibilities which will enable me to contribute to the community of global scholars. By concentrating my studies to the enhancement of water mitigation practices surrounding the greenhouse industry, I hope to be able to make a significant contribution.

Adviser: Dr. Paul R. Fisher

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George Grant