Our Mission

Our overarching mission is to provide ways to help people eat better and live healthier lives.

Our Goals

First, we do innovative basic research in both plant science and human sensory analysis. Second, we use this knowledge to make great plant-based products that people like.

How We Do It

We accomplish our goals by engaging the complete product value chain through a process called "consumer assisted selection." Normally, scientists develop new products and new ideas through ongoing research and development efforts. Those ideas are usually published. If there is commercial application of those ideas, they are then provided to industry and the value chain through production and distribution, and subsequently out to sales and marketing. Our group is novel because we conduct human sensory analysis to find out what aspect of fruits, vegetables and flowers humans like best. We then use that information to fuel our R&D efforts. In other words, we find out what people want first and then we use that information to drive research and development of new plants and products. This approach allows us to use our research and development dollars more efficiently and also provides a better opportunity for success of products.

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