UF/IFAS Environmental Horticulture’s Dr. Brian Pearson Growing Hops in Florida

hops growing in Florida

Hops (Humulus lupulus) are perennial, herbaceous climbing plants commonly cultivated for their strobiles or cones. The cones are often used for flavoring and aroma in food, tea, and beer. The University of Florida (UF) Department of Environmental Horticulture (EH) hops program is an innovative specialty crop program established in fall of 2012 at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center (MREC). The predominant programmatic goal is to investigate the potential for cultivation and use of hops within the non-traditional southeastern U.S. region and to communicate findings to students, fellow researchers, and community producers and stakeholders. Results from this program have culminated in publication and dissemination of research findings as scientific abstracts and professional presentations, numerous Extension talks and onsite field tours, and publication of findings in referred scientific journals. Moreover, results from this program have been used to establish commercial production of hops throughout Florida and their use in premium craft beer products.


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written by: Dr. Brian Pearson

images by:Richard M. Smith